PresentIt! is a free module for the Roxen Web Server. It allows easy creation and formatting of slideshows and presentations without the need to program custom CGI scripts.

Please remember that this is a work in progress. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated. Click here to send your comments to me, the developer.

If you find this module useful, I'd greatly appreciate a postcard (or cookies:) ) from you letting me know you're out there. My address is included in the LICENSE file in the distribution.

More documentation will be arriving as I get the time. Please be patient, as I'm kept rather busy by my job!

New Version! (v1.0) February 3, 1998

What's new in Version 1.0:


Getting PresentIt!

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Installing PresentIt!

Using MailIt! is simple! Just download the archive, then unpack it by using the following command:

	tar -zxvf presentit-1.0.tar.gz

You should get a directory called presentit-1.0. Inside that directory is a file called presentit.pike. Copy that file to your Roxen modules directory, under roxen/server/modules or ../local/modules. Then you can use the Configuration Interface to add the PresentIt! module.

That's all there is to it! You can now start using the features of the PresentIt! module.

Using PresentIt!

There are 2 components of a working PresentIt! application:

The PresentIt! Template
The PresentIt! Template is simply an HTML file that includes PresentIt! tags. The two tags that are provided by PresentIt! are:

<presentit> </presentit> and <slide>

The first tag tells PresentIt! that you are going to create a presentation. Everything outside the presentit tags will be returned to the browser surrounding the presentation.

The presentit container takes the following attributes:

Lets you specify the URL to jump to when the presentation is exited. This attribute is mandatory.
Lets you specify the URL of an image to use instead of the default GTEXT control for moving forward.
Lets you specify the URL of an image to use instead of the default GTEXT control for moving backward in the presentation.
Lets you specify the URL of an image to use instead of the default GTEXT control for exiting the presentation.

The second tag, SLIDE tells PresentIt! about the slides to use in the presentation. You can include these tags inside the presentit container to build presentations.

The slide container takes the following attribute:

name="Slide Name"
The name of the slide. This is displayed above the slide description text and is optional.

The graphic to display in the slide box.

The contents of the container will be displayed below the image as a slide description.

You can put any RXML tags within the slide container.

The most current information my be found in the README file in the distribution.


Thanks to Jeff Fishbein <> for his suggestions for PresentIt!.

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